Co-Housing Development

University of Washington, Architecture Studio
Concept for Winslow, Washington

The concept is inspired by a densely forested site of thirty individual residences, with owners connected through culture and their love of nature. Each owner commutes to the City of Seattle by way of the local ferry only blocks away. The alignment of axes is shifted from the local city grid in response to the direction of the ferry’s horn. The houses are coupled together and sited to avoid the removal of trees. Architecturally, the houses are representative of the forest canopy in which they are set, rising vertically, minimizing the footprint. The glass facade reaches three stories, capturing the filtered light of the canopy. Each set of two houses are held to each other by their entry platform and overhead structure. The properties are apportioned a garden space directly related to irrigation waterways, the main sculptural element, leading to a series of pools adjacent to the common valley and park space.